Sunday, July 18

Sunshine and tree loss.

First you see me now you dont. This tree was a celtus and a weed. Once they get over 10Metres tall the council order you to chop them down. They ruin house foundations and suck up all the nutrients and water from everything around it. So it had to go. I'm just glad we did it in winter when it's looking kind of sparse anyway. In summer it shaded the garden and blocked off the rather ugly flats we live next door to. The loss of privacy is made up for by the vast amount of sunlight now entering our rather cold dark home. Everything is brighter and hopefully things will begin to grow more in the garden now too. The gum tree next to it was rather sick also so here's hoping the native tree springs back to life.
The tree guys just shimy on up with chainsaw attached to their waists and chop it down. It only took them an hour!

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