Wednesday, July 21


Everyone has a favourite mug right? Right. Mine was blue with Zebra's on it. Now I know that doesn't sound flash or trendy but the thing was it was the perfect shape for tea. Just the right thickness, the handle was the perfect size, it felt good with my hands wrapped around it. I'd had this mug for at least ten years and when it was given to me it had an Easter egg in it - just another reason I loved it.
I use the past tense because last night... I broke it. Not "oh a little bit of araldite will fix that" broke it. Really broke it. I was merely fiddling with my peppermint tea bag label, as I am want to do, and was clearly a lot closer to the edge of the bench than I realised and then whoosh, smash, hot tea everywhere, mug everywhere. All I can say is that at least I only have myself to blame. And it really is remarkable that it lasted so long in all the share housing that I've done.
A favourite mug is important if a mug of tea is what you ritually start your day with. So now I need a new one.
This guy is a cheerful colour. From here.
Of course, I could always go a pantone mug, but how on earth would I pick a colour?
 Or a penguin Classic mug... but how would I pick a book, when I know I shall be judged for it whenever i am innocently sinking into my morning tea? 
These are genius! Via...
Very cute design!(and a cute engagement shoot)
This is my favourite for now. I love lamps *sigh* {via}


  1. I like the lamp one too.

    My favourite mug is a double walled stainless steel number. Its kinda boring but if I brought mugs and tea cups I liked when I saw them I'd have a bajillion!

  2. yes, an important decision indeed. My favourite mug is a penguin classics one, 'Wuthering Heights'. I did wonder about being literary-judged when I chose it too!
    Good luck with your search. I say buy several, just to be sure :)
    Pepper x

  3. I think if I had a wuthering heights mug, Id be humming that Kate Bush song ALL the time - which could either be amusing or annoying! "It's meee, Katheeeyyy"

  4. my tea mug is a pantone (colour 221 C) and i love it, but mostly for sentimental reasons - me and boy were in john lewis one day and he decided it was imperative i had pantone mug to match his!

    i love the lamp mug fact i am a total sucker for mugs, i have tonnes of them.



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