Thursday, July 29

Day dream garden.

 I've been daydreaming a lot. It involves this place in the country. There's this house still for sale on Domain... It has a huge back garden completely flat and empty. I've been filling it up in my head. There's a long chicken coop at the bottom of the garden with a quaint wooden roosting house and a passion fruit vine growing along the wire fence. Also along the back fence is a massive compost heap - for the stuff the chooks don't eat and to keep my boy happy. And next to that is a potting shed. It has a fork and spade for him and her as well as shears, empty pots, packets of seeds, and glass jars of nails, screws and all sorts of handy bits and bobs.
In front the potting shed is a large fig tree and some other kind of fruit tree too... perhaps a pear, lemon or orange tree. Along one side of the garden is a huge veggie patch. It is divided up into slightly raised beds. There are tepees for beans and peas, neat rows of broccoli and spinach and rambling overflows of pumpkin and zucchini. Along the back fence tomatoes drip fruit and all are surrounded by their favourite companion herbs.
On the other side of the garden is a hills hoist centred in a sweet circle of lavender bushes which give way to other native shrubs and flowers. somewhere near the centre is a tree. Perhaps a princess gum or maybe something deciduous. Underneath it is a table for summer dinners and winter lunches and for all year cup-of-tea-mid-gardening-breaks. Between another 2 tree's is a hammock for two. And at the back kitchen steps are pots of herbs waiting to be cooked.

Images via here, here, here and here.
Oh and just check out Christine Bauer. *sigh*


  1. i can just see you there :-)

  2. oh i love this! what a fabulous place to live :)

  3. I love this house. I would kill to live there. Race you for it!

  4. this is the best daydream
    I think I'm going to fill my yard with plants and finally put my hammock up.

    thanks for inspiring!



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