Monday, June 7

Roll up your Sleeves

I have a sleeve problem. I roll them up. Push them up really. Consequently all of my jumpers, cardigans, long sleeve tops have baggy ruined sleeves.
I recently found the most wonderful knitted jumper from an op shop. It is pale sea green and fashionably a little bit short with a V neck. I love it and am pretty sure I will be wearing it all winter. Amazingly for a second hand find the sleeves were in great shape... eg. they were around my wrists in a comforting and sleevey way. But I just noticed they are starting to get a little bit annoyingly baggy. I don't know how to stop! I have to push my sleeves up when I wash my hands and often when I type too... is there a remedy? A cure? I know fashionable people who would never participate in such detrimenta- to-their-wardrobe activities. Why must I ruin the things I love??!!!

On a side note in regards to this particular jumper: One of the wonderful things about it is that it has a lovingly darned elbow! And also a few other holes... which I have decided to learn how to darn for. Check out my nanna skills.

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  1. maybe if you picked up another habit, like bitting your fingernails?
    or....and this is a little Martha of me, you could get yourself some 'sleeve' protectors, like the ones that go over gardeners shoes. Not the most stylish solution, but it would solve your problem.


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