Saturday, May 8

Things to be thankful for.

* I have met the man of my dreams and been married to him for 3 years.
* My brother is moving into his college room today.
* My cousin is having a baby! The first next generation in the family!
* The show in the theatre at the moment is AWESOME. Lasers baby! Plus they are the nicest company I have ever worked with.
* It's my two besties birthdays TODAY! Happy Birthday Caz & Lizzie. And Yay for me for my 2 best friends sharing a birthday - only one date to remember - sah-weet!
* When I cycle home my nose and cheeks go the perfect amount of cool from the lovely autumn air. I love having a warm body and a cool face.
* Autumn = soup. I make good soup.
* Another good week at work!! Whaaaaat?
* Tomorrow is adventure date day - bring it!

{things to be thankful for is a post I do every Saturday. It helps me sum up my week and remind myself of all the good things in my life. Feel free to play too and leave your *thankful's* in the comments or a link to yours on your blog. I will definitely check it out. *s*}

Flowers for our newly decorated bedroom.
Coffee with beautiful bikes at a new shop on Bourke St.
Night time walk home through the city with my love.

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