Saturday, May 1

Things to be thankful for.

It's been a busy day so this is late!
* Red wine. It makes conversation flow and makes me feel grown up when I have an evening glass to myself.
* Lovely Lizzie almost made her target amount for her $1.40/day project. And today we ate a breakfast feast in celebration. *sigh* I love breakfast so much.
* The week I've had of early evening finishes. Being home by 6pm is AMAZING! People who work normal hours have NO idea how lucky they are.
* Monday was a public holiday and I hung out with Timmy all day. We went strolling through our hood (that's the first 4 photos) It was lush and lovely.
* Husband gets to wear underwear as of today. See how much he raised here.
* I've had time to do some creative projects this week. It's been so good. I'll share some later. Might even attempt a bit of a DIY... Ohlala!
* Husband comes home tomorrow! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
* I had a wonderful pub lunch and pint of cider this Friday at work. (The last 3 photos)

* I did what a lot of normal people do on a Friday night and went out and saw some bands. Check out The Rapids & The Decorated Generals & The Spirits if you get the chance.
* I didn't do what a lot of normal people do and get dressed up to go out. I wore what I had been all day. Cords, a long sleeved t-shirt and my new old favourite jumper with a darned elbow and my op shop hat and sneakers. And I laughed at all the silly people in silly shoes and silly so-short-you-cant-see-it skirts. HAHA! It was so nice to feel like me and be comfy.
* Our room is looking HAWT! I've been going hard all week, cleaning, re-arranging and decorating.
* Our new bed arrived from Greg Hatton. Its super cool! We call it "Industric" Industrial & Rustic.

{things to be thankful for is a post I do every Saturday. It helps me sum up my week and remind myself of all the good things in my life. Feel free to play too and leave your *thankful's* in the comments or a link to yours on your blog. I will definately check it out. *s*}

Photos are mine with the amazing hipstamatic iPhone application. I love it so much!
Oh and the last one is Greg Hatton's.


  1. OMG! a Greg Hatton bed, R U SERIOUS???????
    Lucky Lady, enjoy :)

  2. Hi Sophie - So glad you love your bed - I'm sure you understand why I wanted to keep it!!! Did you see the interview with Greg on The Design Files? Check it out I think you'll like it! Will add you to our blogroll. X Leila

  3. hi sophie! i luv the photos! just downloaded my own hipstamatic, thanks to you. i'm addicted :)


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