Tuesday, May 25

Things that make me happy...

While we are talking about lists...
* Having a sleeping baby in my arms. Gosh they are nice.
* Red wine and chocolate. Together. In my mouth.
* Being at home in the evening.
* Sunsets and full moons.
* When things just work out.
* The smell of cooking onion.
* Tiny pretty tea cups.
* Being bare foot. Especially in places where its not the norm. (At work, in the supermarket etc)
* Receiving news that makes you squeal with happiness - even when there's no one else around to hear!
* Writing down what it is you really want to say.
* My husband.
* Late night chats with dear friends. (add wine, food, and high speed conversation = perfect)
* Tea. In a mug. Earl Grey, milk, no sugar.
* Dunking biscuits in tea. Gingernuts or Anzacs... but whatever you've got really.
* Rain drops.
* Open minded conversation.
* Hot showers.
* Crumpets. Is there anything more heavenly? I'm a big fan of butter and promite (yes promite I love promite). Butter and peanut butter (yes together in an over the top buttery melty way). And then for the third (because there always should be a third), butter and honey. *sigh* Now I am contentedly drooling on the keyboard.


  1. LOVE your list! So great to be full of gratitude.

  2. I do love a list and this is a good one thanks.

  3. Yes I love your list! lovely lovely, so important to remember the good things.


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