Friday, April 9

sweet dreams...

Whoop! Have just finalised the purchase of a new bed! Custom made from recycled palletts on lockable castors. Next week we go mattress shopping! Seeing as I am going to spend 1/3 of my life asleep it's about time I started doing it in a comfortable fashion.
This is where I'm getting our bed made. This is what it should vaguely look like:
Except this is a table not a bed... but you get the idea... By Greg Hatton, based in Melbourne.


  1. AWESOMENESS! Greg Hatton is ace :)
    If Ada doesn't like her tent, maybe you can use it as some kind of bed canopy, although given the housing market in Melbourne right now I really think I could fit a family of four in there.....

  2. Oooh, I recently bought the most amazing bed ever from our local bed maker and it's the best money I have ever spent, on the down side you do tend to lose afternoons on the quest for perfect bed linen. I had to have a word with myself as I appeared to be morphing into j-lo and being a little too persistent about the thread count!

  3. Yeah Greg has been super to work with on this. Estelle - housing markets *shudder* I hear your pain.
    I can already feel myself craving creamy linen's and a beautiful glass doored cupboard to keep it all in. I reckon husband will be restraining me! Thanks for stopping by lovely ladies :)


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