Thursday, April 22

Green cinema experience?

I'm finding all the "green washing" that is springing up everywhere rather interesting. Green washing is people jumping on the band wagon of stating how green a product/service is because being green is the trendy / important thing at the moment.
For instance, a few weeks ago we went to see Alice In Wonderland in 3D - it was great. We took our housemates 3D glasses that she had got from seeing it, mostly because we didnt want to have to buy 2 pairs, but also because it's the green thing to do. In the cinema on the big screen they told us that the movie is green because you can keep you're 3D glasses. This is a) true. Reusing is always the best option but b) Amusing in that a statement about the movie experience being good for the environment is being projected onto a screen with about 12000 watts!
I don't begrudge green washing by any means. In fact the more people are made aware that everything has an environmental impact the better, its just that it can all be so wishy washy. This Ted talk is an excellent look at how hard it is to know how to be green, just in the home:

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