Wednesday, March 10

Uganda: people

 1} We cycled through places where white people only went may be once a year so we were pretty intriguing to the local kids. In this photo we were sitting in a little bar having a rest from cycling and these kids didn't take their eyes off us the whole time. Except when we raised the camera to take their picture. We had to take this sneakily from the table!
2}This little girl was sitting in the bar. i think her mother was the owner. She was too little to have any interest in us at all.
3}When we were visiting Toro Integrated Childcare we visited a lot of villages and gave and listened to many speeches. It was all a bit dull for this little girl.
4}These little guys where waiting around for a football match to start. I know the boy on the left looks like he is about to cry, but I think he is actually talking to his brother!
5} As we were walking down a country road this little girl stopped to watch us walk past then followed uson our whole walk!
6}A muma brought her baby to a lesson about micro finance. As the lesson was all in Lugandan I took pictures of this gorgeous child instead!
7}These kids are swimming in a crocodile and hippo infested river in the Queen Elizabeth National Park. I am safely in a boat!
8} A farm worker with her beans. Isn't she beautiful?

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  1. wow. beautiful people. i'm itching to travel and this doesn't help!


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