Saturday, March 13

Things to be thankful for.

It is time to get back into this again.
* The sleep in I had this morning. ABsolute BLISS.
* Catching up with friends last night, drinking a tiny bit too much beer, laughing myself off the chair...
* I can wear short dresses and not offend anyone.
* I have a job. It pays our bills.
* A succesful, not stressful shopping trip with my hubby to get him some smart clothes.
* How handsome (and kind) my hubby is.
* Cooked breakfasts (especially after a tiny bit too much beer the night before)...
* Sunflowers. I bought them for him but they are totaly brightening up my day right now too.
* My first Aid training teacher was incredibly entertaining and excellent thereby helping useful information to hopefully stay in my head for more than 1 week! If anyone is having a heart attack let me know! I'm first aid trained!!!!

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