Tuesday, March 30

Things my parents taught me

 (not a complete list by any means...)
* How to cook great vego food. Especially bolognaise (Dad) and lasagna (Mum).
* To be a good host and welcome people into your home.
* How to put a doona in its cover.
* To care about the environment.
* To enjoy being outside.
* To work to earn money. (first job at the age of 12, and jobs around the house to earn pocket money)
* To be independent. (yes you can go out till late but you better get yourself home)
* To try new things.
* To explore the world.
* To swim and ride a bike.
* To have fun with your partner.
* To pack my own lunch.
* To wash up.
* To write thank you letters.
* To drive (thanks Dad... Sorry about that.)
* To go on holiday. Even when you have no money.
* To light a fire.
* To read before bed time (with a cup of peppermint tea)
* To make tea in bed for your lover in the morning.
* To dance at parties.

You guys are awesome. I can't wait to hang out this coming weekend.

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