Wednesday, March 17

Favourite things: wood

I am drooooooling over this kitchen belonging to Zoe Van De Wiele, in the USA. {via Design sponge}

This is the bed I am wanting. Kinda. Imagine the top as the base, and the headboard of the second pic added... We are looking into getting it made from recycled palletes and fence slats. Greg Hatton is based in Melbs and does COOL things with wood.

Mmmm salad... I don't know where this one came from. Sorry!

These 2 rings come from here and here. Cool huh?!

Recycled goodness via.

yummyness can be counted on coming from anthropolgie

So there. Wooden stuff is warm, feels wonderful under bare feet and is always (almost) oh so nice. Gotta use recycled or renewable though.

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