Sunday, January 31

cycling tour day 9.

We hit a bump 2kms in. The back wheel of my bike wouldn't stay straight and so it was rubbing against the frame. No amount of remounting the wheel was helping. I could barely ride it on the flat, with most of the weight taken out of my panniers, let alone up the 50km's of hills we were meant to be climbing today. Where we were going today is much more remote as well. So that was that. Not really much choice but to ride the 7k's back to Ishaka and start heading back to Kampala.
Part of me felt extremely guilty for the journey being cut short. But Tim had a go on my bike too and was shocked by how hard it was, plus both of us confessed to feeling slightly relieved and completely satisfied with what we had seen and accomplished. I'll add the total kms travelled later and let you know what we did.
We managed to get a bus almost straight away in Ishaka travelling through to Kampala. A long and uncomfortable journey but now here we are in the New Gloria again with a flushing toilet, luke warm water out of a shower head and electricity. Gosh!
We are both looking very lean and quite brown, and you should of seen the colour of the water when I washed my hair...gross!

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