Saturday, January 9

Africa week 1

I have been in Africa for a week now and so far haven't been able to upload any photos. However, we are having an amazing time. Lapping up the heat and the... different-ness! Nairobi was a little stressful, but that said we are remembering the kind people too. The lady that told tim that he was almost pickpocketed and to be careful. The man in the back of the matatu that tried to help us with our location! We went on safari and saw creatures that belong on David Attenbourgh documentries close at hand!
We got to Kamapala today and we are loving Uganda a lot. Experiencing the food, the roads (trying to cross them with our lives still intact), the heat, the huge storks that circle the city, offers of bodaboda rides, and curious glances. Time is almost up, will post photos one day!

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