Wednesday, December 16

Travel day 15

Sleeping boy, we both got colds, no surprise there really. Amazing having so much time together and it is wonderful wonderful.
I was expecting to have all these funny feelings coming back to England, but instead it is just nice. It's just me who has changed, but not really, in a place that has changed, but not really. Drinking too much tea (if that is possible) seeing wonderful people, lapping up a country so vastly different to the one I now call home. Wearing three layers of socks, and having permanent hat hair, cold cheeks, and taking millions of photos. The problem though is that there is such a short window of daylight to get the snaps so evening adventures are being missed from the "film" roll.
Today walking in the Welsh woods we were surprised by a huge flock of starlings swooping in beautiful formation over our heads, the only sound save trickling water. Lovelyness.
And Tims summary of the UK: green and mushy. In the nicest possible way.

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