Tuesday, November 10

tour du paint part 2.

For our wedding gifts we asked people to get creative. As we already had housey stuff, we wanted people to paint us a picture, give us a recipe, or invite us round for dinner. These three artworks from around our home are wedding gifts.
The top piece is by our lovely friends Carly and Adam (soon to be married themselves) and is pencil on canvas, the second by uni friends of mine Emilie and Mike and the third is by a Wagga artist called Willy Shearer, which all of my parents long standing family friends (who are essentially surrogate aunts and uncles to me) bought for us.
It was funny how they are all of tree's and none of them know each other. Tree's are so beautiful and a wonderful metaphor for love. They need care and nutrients, they are changing and graceful and grow more and more wonderful the older they are, they breathe life into the world, and live long.


  1. Hi there, I really like the second painting. Although I haven't watched the Time Traveler's Wife yet, I dont think that they could have managed to make it into a good movie no matter what they did. It's just not possible to fit in so much into something that's just two hours.

  2. "they breathe life into the world, and live long." I love that. And you x


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