Saturday, November 21

things to be thankful for

* My work place has air conditioning. How dare it be this hot already?!
* I have beautiful tomatos growing in my garden.
* The cars in front of me on my ride home yesterday didn't crash. (though it was a mighty close call)
* My house mates are DIVINE. I had an amazing omlette this morning, made by one of them.
* I have 6 more days left of work...(yesyesyesyesyesyes)
* My grandparents will have been married for 60 years come 23rd of December. Inspirational!
* Beautiful blogs everywhere! This one is my latest favourite.. Thankfulness anyone?!
* I can cycle pretty much everywhere I need to go in this city - great for the environment, great for my bum = winwin!
* Dear friends had a beautiful baby boy yesterday! I am SO excited and happy for them. Baby Luke Noah, what a treasure!
* Other dear friends are getting married tomorrow! So excited to be going to what is sure to be a deliciously fun and beautiful day. I *LOVE* weddings!

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