Wednesday, November 4

the sea!

Yesterday I finished work early (after the Melbourne Cup horse race, every one just gave up on pretending to be working) and went with my lovely house mates and our lovely friends at St Michael's house to sculpture by the sea! It is my all time favourite art exhibition in Sydney. Every year sculptures are installed along the cliff walk between Tamarama beach and Bondi. Lots of them are just abstract shapes and things, but often there are moving ones, funny ones, thought provoking ones and just blissful ones. Then we swam in the sea! My first swim this Spring, and it was divine! So much fun splashing around with friends. Then we had fish and chips. THEN we went home and ate ice cream and blueberries. Wonderfulness!


  1. I've been looking forward to going to the exhibit! hope i can make it this weekend (and hope the weather cooperates! :)

  2. hey soph, that wire one that looks like a block of units (or an extended EEEEEE) is SOOOO cool, I'm a teeny bit jealous you have this stuff on yr doorstep

  3. Oh dear Frances! I hope the weather clears up for you, though rain could make for some moody photos??
    And Jules, I feel very lucky to live in the city I do. I wish I made more use of it!
    Thanks so much for the comments :)


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