Wednesday, October 14

Favourite things: wrapping presents

It was my lovely friend Mia's birthday the other day. I banged out a note on origami paper using our gorgeous baby blue typewriter. I had to take the top cover off because the ribbon kept on getting stuck. It was so fun tapping away at it in bed with a cup of tea. I felt very decadent!
I love giving people presents - but I have to admit it is mostly because I love wrapping them! Oh my gosh I love wrapping things. I squirrel away pretties all year round and never throw away any wrapping paper or ribbon I recieve, and always get my flowers gift wrapped so that I can reuse the paper! I've been adding a lot of feathers lately too...

This one was for my lil sister in law..
Gift for our friends new baby girl! I went through all my old Frankie magazines and made cards out of all the pretty pictures last Christmas. This was one, tucked into the ribbon I had left over and is just so cute!

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