Saturday, October 3

things to be thankful for 2.

Another Saturday and here I am at work. This weekend my angel is away working on an event. 3 nights apart is too many :(
1) Because my angel wasn't in bed this morning squirming and being awake, I got to sleep in till a suitably decadent hour.
2) I have a coffee.
3) I have a really good book to read right now.
4) It rained lovely Spring rain last night and the garden looks extremely happy.
5) It didn't rain on me as I cycled to work.
6) The event my angel is at is going really well.
7) I go overseas in 2 months!
8) My housemate cooked me an AMAZING omelete for breakfast this morning.
9) My life is full of beauty and hope.
10) I am greatly loved.

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  1. Hello ;)
    Thanks for stopping by ;) You asked about some Austalian blogs I could recommend. I enjoy mostly craft blogs. Not sure what you are interested in, but since you are new to the whole blogging thing I would suggest that you go into your profile page look under location and click on Australia, that will pull up other bloggers from your country. You will find tons of blogs to browse through. Hope that helps.
    God Bless,
    & Happy Blogging!


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