Thursday, September 24

Dear Blog

Well lately I've had some time on my hands. But not the good type. The type that has to be wasted. Time that I am required to be at my desk at work although there is nothing to do & quite frankly, whilst they pay me for this, I'd almost rather be poor & at home baking/gardening/picking my toenails/decoupaging the fridge (no really). However, I am at work. And this week I have read an awful lot of blogs & have come over all inspired like. May be this is just what I need! Besides I'm going overseas soon & this will be a good way to keep people in the know about my travels.
I've had a blog before & found it very useful for venting all sorts of pent up silly stuff, but the thing I've noticed about all the lovelies that are off to the side bar there is that they're all so damn happy & positive! May be the grumpies won't be so frequent if I take time out to write about positive things! And post pictures of beautiful things. Well, I'm open to giving it a try!
Also me & my wonderful want need change! We dream of our city being full of art and colour! Our suburb is terribly trendy - which means it is unfortunatly going the way of the BEIGE. Yuck. We want to do something about it - slowly & surely. And this might be a good place to tell you all about that too.
So Shine a little light is born. I love light.

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