It's a cheesy sentiment - but a good one - and man, cheese is yummy. It pretty much sums up the intention of this blog. The good bits... nice stuff... and just me. Also I'm a lighting designer by trade - so that works too.

Wanna know more?

I'm a twenty something country girl, turned city girl, turned back to a country girl. In January 2012 my husband and I moved from the heart of inner-city Sydney to the heart of inner-country Wagga Wagga (yes it is a real place). It's really, really beautiful here. When people ask me why I moved back I tell them I wanted a house, a garden and a dog. And that's pretty much the sum of it.

I like putting things in brackets (okay, I love it). I love climbing ladders, getting my hands dirty gardening, cooking made up dishes, having fresh flowers in the house and earl grey tea. I hate ugly fonts, rudeness and apathy.

I don't know how to define this blog - I've tried a multitude of times. I try crafting but I'm not heaps good at it. I cook a lot, but I don't measure things and I find writing out recipes tedious. I take pretty pictures - some of the time. I have thoughts, but I'm not an amazing writer (or speller for that matter)... I guess this is just a place for the snippet's I'm choosing to remember.

My husband (who is awesome - duh) and I own the cutest house on the block (which recently got flooded), and the cutest puppy on the block (that's Lola down there), we've travelled, we garden and I like to stay thankful.

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  1. Found you via blog in the spotlight. Love your sentiment. Look forward to following along. I'm a city girl from the country, up your way. Heart is still in the country though, often ponder a country life. If only I could convince my hubby to 'just do it'


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